Korean Products^_^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This corn tea ( Oksusu tea) is made in Korea which has a lot of benefits in our body. It relieves fatigue, lowers blood cholesterol and it's also good for indigestion.
More benefits you can see in this site.

I really like corn tea than green tea. It tastes better than green tea. hehe. But whether it's a corn tea or not it gives us benefits in our body.

 Hazelnut Coffee

My brother and my sis experienced palpitations when they drink this coffee. I like this coffee coz it really tastes good. nom nom nom.but still black coffee is the best ^___^

I miss you~~

Friday, December 31, 2010

I miss the times when we were together.
I miss the way you tease me and made fun with your face.
I miss the laughter,  your voice, your story and the way you speak to me in Korean.
I miss when you massaged my feet when I'm tired.
I miss the times when you cook good and delicious foods for me and for my family..
Oppa... Bogoshipoyo..I want to be with you and hold your hands and hug you tight  like there's no tomorrow. I'm looking forward to see you next year and be with you forever. We will never be separated again. I know you are also waiting for me.. Fighting oppa.. See you very very soon..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This will be my last Christmas with my family in Phil. so I made the most of it.This time I can feel the sadness aside from I'm not with my husband ( who is in Korea ) , I didn't know if when will I come back in the Phil. after a year or so when I'm there. I will surely miss my family. :-(  I will miss the laugh, the funny stories of my mom, the good morning greetings of my father, I will miss my bonding with my siblings especially to my sis. She is my best friend though these days we've been experiencing little arguments and misunderstanding yet I still miss her when I''m away. And I'm happy despite of our misunderstandings, we still love and care with each other.

Our Christmas was just ordinary but what made it special is that we learn to look back with our past and thank God for all the good things He's been giving us and guiding us throughout the year.
May the year 2011 will be a better year to everyone of us.
Good vibes 2011.. Let's be positive and be happy guys ^__________^

Who am I?

Hello everyone..  I just want you to know a little more about me..
I made this blog just to share some of my future experiences in Korea soon. I'll be leaving the Philippines early next year  for good..

  • I’m happily married to a Korean guy. :-)
  • Im a Filipina.. Interesting isn’t it?  hehehehe :D
  •  I love pink…. hello kitty, cotton candy, nature,beach, photography.
  •  My father is a retired soldier.
  •  I was a consistent honor student during my elementary years. :D ( wala lang) hehe..
  •  I don’t easily trust people.
  •  I used to love texting.
  • I love blogging.
  • I love taking pictures.
  •  I eat a lot but I don’t get fat.:-(
  •  I don’t know how to cook. T.T
  •  I hate people who doesn’t make his/her promises.
  •  I love being pampered.
  •  I love watching Korean dramas. kkk
  •  I’m a sleepy head
  •  I really hate waking up too early and staying up late.:-(
  • Im crazy. lol
  •  I really like teasing my sister hahaha..
  •  Family comes first… I love my family ~
  •  I want to be rich..really rich.. Yeah right. Who doesn’t want?
  •  I want to have my own Foundation someday and help poor people like me when I become rich.. That’s one of my dreams actually..
  •  I want to have my own business someday ( restaurant, boutique, or a resort)
  •  Im moody sometimes.
  • I become so loud when Im with my really close friends.
  • I want to see snow. weeeee.....
  •  I don’t have a sense of direction. =_= I easily get lost in a not so familiar place. Even if I used to go there still  I laugh out loud. hahahahaha..
  •  Im a shy type of person but once you know me well, I have lots of stories to tell. blah blah blah..